Blocks In Therapy

Therapy and healing from deep-level inner wounds is not easy. The pain and discomfort of dealing with them can be a huge block to completing recovery. Plus, there are several other blocks such as environment, experiences, beliefs, people, core issues etc. that could keep you from getting started, slow down, or even stop any healing work.

Experientially knowing about each block and working through it is a significant part of the therapy process.  Here are some blocks that can occur at any time in recovery and must be worked through in order to facilitate healing:

*  "I can't let it go" (active addiction or compulsion)
*  "I don't know how to do it" (lack of knowledge)
*  "I can't trust" (difficulty trusting)
*  "I need to heal now!" (fixating on quick fix, magic, or time frame)
*  "I've little money" (lack of finances)
*  "It's all his fault" (blaming or projecting pain onto others)
*  "It's too painful for me" (inability to tolerate emotional pain)
*  "God does not care" (resisting spirituality)
*  "I feel worthless" (low self esteem)
*  "I'll see if I can attend" (not regularly attending therapy sessions, o or little commitment)