Feeling Work

Feelings are a crucial part of the inner life. When one is psychologically disturbed or traumatized, feelings become vulnerable. A person may lose touch of the reality of his feelings. He can be alienated from his feelings.

Yet these feelings don't go away. They continue to appear or surface. Most commonly, damaged emotions take the form of emptiness, low self-esteem, shame, anger, confusion, and numbness. The unprocessed feelings are masked in other disguises, since the psychologically ill have difficulty seeing and addressing directly their feelings.

In therapy and recovery, a person learns experientially what these and other distorted feelings are. He learns to recognize them, to heal them, and to use them in everyday life. Working through this issue of damaged emotions is an integral part of recovery and healing.

Only when one can realize his true self and connect his feelings to a Higher Power can he begin to be whole again and feel fulfilled.