Overcoming The Pain Of Your Memories

If you've gone through a major trauma or loss, you may still be experiencing the worst pain of your memories. Perhaps you're surviving now. Unfortunately, even after the initial blows, you may still be living through the worst. You remain plagued by painful, emotionally-laden memories that destroy your peace of mind and progress in healing.

I remember, a few years ago, I noticed that there were painful memories in my mind that would simply come forward at varied times. Going over the details, analyzing, replaying, and doing anything to come to the grips with the horror that has been thrust in my world. My brain was quick to fill in the blanks. Interestingly, this was a time when I thought I was already "over" the pain of these memories!

Once this pain of my memories came, I stepped back and self-assessed. I discovered the act of resisting tends to make the memory even more powerful as it pushes to get through.  So, I try not to resist it. Not to put up a fight. I learned to welcome it. And as I allowed it into my consciousness, I received an option of kicking it out any time!  But before it happened, I'd to do enough grieving and forgiving work that would lessen the strength of those memories.

Are you plagued by painful memories? Do the appearance of those memories make you feel out of control and stuck?  You are not alone. Seek help. Do the necessary work. 


Anonymous said…
yes! very very painful memories...and the worst feeling is that, someone keeps on ignoring you when you know for yourself you haven't done anything wrong, he just refused to talk to you about it for unknown reason. this would remain a nightmare until i finally get the real answer.