Seeking Help Is An Act Of Strength

Every one of us has ups and downs. In fact, there are times when you may need help from someone. And there will be times tomorrow someone may need help from you.

If the burden you're carrying overwhelms you, seeking help is an act of strength. It's not a weakness. It tells people that you have courage, humility, and self-honesty. Seeking help indeed says something positive about your character.

Many people evade therapy and counseling when they need it the most. They're already drowning in their emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual trauma and hurts. Yet still, they'd choose not to make their needs known to their loved ones, friends, or simply to another human being. More often than not, pride stands in the way of letting someone be a blessing to their lives.

God's plan is for people to help one another. Why don't you sit down, have a pen and paper, write down the people you feel you can call, and start calling?