The Secret To Be Complete

My brain is going in a different place. I try to be empathetic as I listen to Suzy bringing up her struggle. She fears being single forever. An old maid. She feels that a boyfriend or husband would make her whole. And because she's getting older, she is increasingly becoming depressed and panicky.

Whether you are single or already married, it's unfair to expect that there is a man or woman out there who can please you forever. It's unrealistic to depend or cling too much on a fellow human being to fulfill your heart and make you complete. Humans are imperfect. We are fallible. Flawed. None of us have the ability to complete or fulfill another person.

Our heart will never be complete until we realize that the only Person who truly loves and accepts us perfectly and unconditionally is God Himself. Whether you become single for the rest of your days, marry, or remarry, you are complete with God. He has a higher purpose for you than have a human mate. God is all you need to be complete and fulfilled.