Couples' Paradox

Here is a puzzle we witness all the time.

A rich couple with promising young children. Both intelligent, in a bright career path. Something happened in their marriage. They separated and got a divorce.

But another couple in the same neighborhood faced a different trauma. The wife had cancer who needed to be taken cared of. And they were in poverty. So much pain yet their love deepened and grew.

What do we see? A paradox. Some pieces of a puzzle. Two couples. Two different circumstances and results.

The first couple had things going for them, but something happened that led to divorce. The second couple, although the situation can also be ripe for divorce, blossomed in love and dedication.

Maybe, affluence divides? Hardship unites? I don't know. It's indeed a puzzle.

I can only surmise this: something changes or grows inside each one of the couples. The state of the heart is always a key.