Hey, Dads!

I'd like to greet all my fellow Dads "Happy Father's Day!" for tomorrow. With my growing kids, Christine (19), Paul (15), and Angel (10), I'll take them to hearty meals and watch the "After Earth" father-son movie of Will and Jaden Smith.

I still feel like a boy of yesteryear. My own Dad was busy with his lawyer work when I was growing up. How I wish I have had better closeness and input from him. I did miss having significant daily interaction with him. Somehow my Dad had all but disappeared from most of my developmental years.  

One thing remains constant:  kids long for intimacy from their fathers. Sadly, today's Dads are mostly absent. Not just physically. Emotionally, spiritually too. Nurturing, affirming, validating Dads appear to be a minority nowadays. Well, statistics say that. Doctor's clinics, social welfare communities, and law enforcement agencies indicate that too. Countless men and women have fathers who left behind a legacy of pain, confusion, frustration, anxiety, bitterness, fear, and rage. These adult sons and daughters are often the angry, wounded men and women of our society.

If you are reading this post and are a struggling Dad or a wounded son or daughter, you can choose to heal. Won't you take some steps to get help?