I Visited Dr. Schweitzer!

The more purpose, the better life is. There is joy, not based on circumstances.

Let me imagine I visited the late Dr. Albert Schweitzer in his missionary hospital in Africa. I joined him for a walk and asked him how things are going in his work.  

Can you imagine with me a response from Dr. Schweitzer something like this? - "This place stinks. I hate this work, causing me lots of body pains. The food is bad. Every morning, I ate and there are always flies around. There are so many holes in my bed and house. The people here are a disturbance each day. And the nurses I work with, goodness! One has BO and the others have bad breath."

Knowing about Dr. Schweitzer, I doubt a lot whether he'd say those things. Of course, living and serving the poor and needy of Africa as he did, those complaints and circumstances can be so real. But I'm willing to bet that each day Dr. Schweitzer wakes up in those years, he is full of joy and passion about the work he is doing to help the sick, needy, and poor of Africa.     

Dr. Schweitzer's life is a gift of purpose and joy in serving others. He lives a life of meaning beyond himself, his circumstances, and this world. The impact he left remains for generations.