Nothing Is Accidental

Last night, a few of my friends met up an accident prior to their arrival in the restaurant where we set a dinner fellowship. Already delayed, they still had to go to the police station to file a report. When, finally, they arrived, I was smiling at them. Jokingly, I asked them, "What lesson does the suffering teach you?" And we had a laugh sharing with each other.

Expanding further, I'm of the impression that there is no such thing as "accident" in life. Even if you've been wronged, screwed, deceived, or mistreated, no situation is accidental. Every situation is there to move you to the next level of consciousness and well being. We grow and heal when we take every circumstance and find its blessing. Our job is to figure out how this is true and to see what each event can contribute in our life.

I know the angle I'm presenting here could sound overwhelming. You may even get angry at me for saying this! But if you can see, as I do, that there are no accidents, then you can assume that any breakdown, trauma, or hurt you may be going through right now is for your highest good. It's a huge shift, I realize. Yet I can promise you that as soon as you look at your life from this perspective, things can get better and fulfill your highest self.