Pictures From The Past

Look inside your mind. What do you find?

I'll bet, lots of them are "pictures from the past." Good memories, maybe some. Old upsets, disappointments, unfulfilled expectations, and hurts are also often possible.

When we're caught in the prison of past conditioning, letting go or surrendering can be a difficult task for the ego. All those pictures from our past of how we got wounded or how we wanted our lives to be could make it hard for us to move on.

Left unhealed, anger, betrayal, fear, loss, paranoia, and frustration can all become the seed of negative chatter inside our mind. We don't want to see these unprocessed pictures yet we allow them to remain there.  In an attempt to protect ourselves from pain, we often avoid the whole truth about ourselves. This then leads us right into the depths of unnecessary suffering.

We don't have to be forever chained to pictures that stand in the way of our wholeness and health. As Dr. Spencer Johnson, author of "The Precious Present," once wrote "Suffering is simply the difference between what is and what I want it to be." Once we let go and detach from the injurious conditioning of our past, we find our power.