Why Can't I Move On?

One time, I made a house call to a man living in his condo unit. A few minutes after arriving, I watched him in the corner of a sofa in a fetal position listening to me speak. He was obviously paralyzed and in pain over something. He got used to his family members and friends telling him to "just get over it." Then he asked the question, "Why can't I move on?"

If there is a major loss or trauma, like death, divorce, sexual abuse, or a broken leg, would it be sufficient to say let's forget about it and move on? Of course not. If your heart or leg is still wounded and broken, that's a problem that requires an appropriate process and period of time to heal. The condition has to be directly and completely dealt with first before you can heal and move on.

With a broken leg, you'd have to enter treatment in the hospital. You'll have to undergo an x-ray and find out where the location of the brokenness and wounds are. Then a trained doctor will treat or set your leg back in place (which could hurt more for awhile!). Then the doctor would have to place some bandage or cast over your broken leg to make sure it does not get re-injured while it's healing.

Now, that would take a period of time to heal.  Once you're healed, you can remove the bandage or cast. Then you can move on with your life.  And here's an interesting truth:  the spot in your leg that was broken can actually be stronger than it was before. That I say can also be true emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually.

Does your mind or heart need to be in the hospital? Would you need emotional surgery or psychological operation given your present condition?  Make right choices. Start now, so you can move on and get to the other side.