Nothing You Could Do To Change The Past

After much tears and enormous bouts of anger, Donald realized that he had to let go of the pain. He was a victim of his wife's infidelity and deception. Not only was his emotional reactivity affecting his health, but his children and relatives were suffering from his sudden, angry outbursts. He read many books, gone to church and bible studies, and prayed to God all the time. Yet nothing seemed to help. 

The miracle Donald needed was to heal and move on. He had to learn to detach from the pain of his past. After all, there was really nothing he could do to change the past. He must not only go through his pain, but grow through it. In this way, Donald can get past the trauma and start building a better future.

Life, indeed, is a series of births and deaths. We all must die to a period or stage, so we can be born to the next one. Amazingly, we can always get stronger in the broken places if we are only willing to look and ... finally let go.