Beach Ball Under Water?

Have you ever tried keeping a beach ball under water?

Well, that requires a lot of push. Lots of energy to keep it submerged. Then, at a moment you take your push away, the beach ball pops up, splashing water in your face.

All aspects of our self that we hide, deny, suppress, or disown are like beach balls we try to push under water.  Unprocessed pain or trauma buried beneath the surface of our consciousness waits for opportune moments to pop up. Then, it hits us in the face, exposing parts of our self we work so hard to hide.

It's important that we bring out into the open our hidden, disowned parts. We need to bring them all into conscious awareness so we can heal. Sadly, lots of people fail to learn this lesson, so they repeat the same kind of mistakes and wounds over and over again in their lives and relationships.

To find freedom and recovery, we need to identify reactions and experiences that are clear reflections of unhealed aspects of our selves. Only then can we move beyond anger, fear, shame, depression, or any trauma into the liberation of personal responsibility.