Forgiving Is Therapy

Forgiveness is therapy. Several years ago, at one of the lowest points in my life, I was progressively healed in significant ways by forgiveness. As a result of studying and practicing therapy, I found brain/mind research in medicine and psychology, holistic health practices, and spiritual discoveries on the disease of an un-forgiving mind.

Does forgiving let an offending person off the hook? This question is a common psychological and emotional mechanism within the brain/mind that prevents forgiveness. It is a reaction or perception that when you forgive someone, the wrongs done then are tolerated and can not be righted.

Of course, when a spouse committed adultery or a father sexually abused his daughter, the wrong or sin done needs to be righted and put into justice. But, it is not the responsibility of the hurt/traumatized person to bring that about. This is not the job of the victim and should not be his or her job.

When you set your self free and healed by forgiving, what you're really doing is taking the offender off your hook and allowing God to put that person on His hook. No one escapes God's eyes and no evil goes unpunished before Him. As long as you have the offender on your hook, you block God's hand from that person and you also block God from you.

You must forgive to heal, let go of the other person's wrongdoing, so God can work and you can be right and whole with Him.