My Mind and Technology

I must admit, like my children, I don't get "bored" when deep into modern-day technology. Smart phones. Ipads, tabs. Laptop, computers. But, as these tech wonders can make work, study, and communication much faster and efficient, I notice that they also have drawbacks that can affect our self growth.

The mind is like a muscle that needs to be worked. It needs to exercise its ability to remember information and memories to make it strong. With technology, the mind can become lazy and dependent - not recalling information and memories without the help of a device.

Another thing I noticed is that the web's attention-grabbing bright colors and fast movements tend to decrease time for reading entire books. Shouldn't I be benefiting from technology without compromising my own reading or intellectual development? Is that facebook post or email worth the cost of interrupting my thinking, learning, even praying?

Uhmm well, how about in your case, friend? Technology provides us conveniences and improvements in our society and in our lives. But shouldn't we be smarter and more intelligent than these high tech gadgets? After all, your next uninterrupted thought and feeling may save or change your life.

Think about it - your mind and technology.