The Judge Is Coming. Are You Ready?

Last Sunday, I was listening to a minister preaching a message on "The Judge is Coming. Are You Ready?" to thousands. He quoted Scriptures and lots of real-life examples of human injustices in this life.  The minister noted that nobody escapes God's eyes and justice in the end, so we need not be disheartened.

I'm reminded of a man whose wife committed adultery and bigamy. While still married, his wife dated and had sex with a foreigner. After being discovered, his wife took flight and falsified documents to join the foreigner and get married in another country. The victimized husband surely suffered the deepest cut and wondered about "justice" and healing.

Does the infidel wife get away with "murder?" She can, of course, but only in this fleeting life. Only temporarily in the eyes of mortal men. God sees her. There is One who sees and knows wherever she is and whatever she's doing. So the husband's question of "justice" is out of the question, for there is a righteous Judge who is coming to whom we will all make an account of our life.

The victimized husband recovers from his emotional wounds through this perspective. When he embraces this reality of a coming Judge, he begins to let go and let God take care of "justice." By this, he also learns to feel compassion, forgive his wife and pray for her good and redemption. He has no other real choice if he wants to be truly free ... and healed.