A Lesson From Korean Karate

I learned that in Korean Karate (they call it "Tang Soo Do"), they teach a best way out of a compromising situation. For instance, when an attacker grabs your arm, you are taught to move towards the attacker and relax your arm. Instead of the natural pulling away or tightening up, you let go.

The logic here is, pulling away from an attacker triggers his natural response to hold on tighter. So in Korean Karate, with enough practice, a battle principle to get away from an attacker is you must first surrender to his grip. When you let go and relax, the opponent's grip naturally loosens, giving you the opportunity to break free from his grip.

The same principle can be applied to effectively heal from damaged feelings, anger, fears, and other internal distresses. Only when you breathe deeply, relax, accept reality, and let go of internal resistance will you stand strong and gain access to your power.

Start from a place of surrender. Step into a quiet place towards the bigger picture. And you will find healing and freedom.