Do You Sleep?

For one thing, I can't do without sleep. I tried to keep it at bay for hours or a couple of days in the past, especially when I was preparing for some important event. But eventually, each time, I have no choice but to surrender to it. As the American Medical Association put it at one time, sleep is a "gentle tyrant" and we all must give respect to it.

Sleep is essential to you and I. It's one of life's natural givens that will have an effect on the rest of our whole being and health. We spend 1/3 of our life sleeping. In the average life span, experts says this amounts to about 220, 000 hours. This 1/3 of our life makes the 2/3 possible. We simply cannot go without sleep.

Sleep becomes a therapy and counseling issue when there is too much or too little of it in our daily routine. Trouble can block peaceful sleep. Depression, anxiety, grief, fear, and guilt are known contributors to sleep deficits. On the other side, excessive sleep could become harmful too. It may indicate laziness, some mental health condition, or a threat of poverty.

We do all have dreams. But they require some refreshing, balanced sleep for a while.