Retirement Life Therapy

This past few weeks, I've been doing a series of messages on happiness among attendees of my weekly hospital fellowship. Since quite a number of patients in this hospital are aged or retirees, I tried to zero in on issues affecting this particular age group (though am not a member of it yet!). My senior co-worker, Dr. Nap, is soon to retire and it's sort of relevant what we're taking up during our meetings.

I have this to say to my friends in the fellowship: Never make the mistake of planning for retirement! Here's my context - 75% of retirees die within two years of their retirement. That's what research says, horrid though the finding may be. I think the cause for this is the idea that when you "retire" from work or employment, it's as if you also retire from life. Inactive retirement is slow suicide and contraindicated in anyone with heart beats and brain waves!

Of course, if you're a retiree and having health conditions, you can cut down. You can ease off.  But never quit altogether. Keep your body and brain working or they begin to atrophy. Engage in something you love. If you're no longer passionate about something, then retire from it and move to another dream. Just don't retire from life itself. Stay active.

When I reach my own senior years, I still intend to run. Run for life!