Form Without Substance

On various occasions, I've been excited when men who know they're addicted, dysfunctional, or immoral agreed to talk to me about inner healing. Yet each time I get disappointed by the outcome of our therapy and counseling sessions.

One man who came to see me was an active religionist in the community. In our session, he vowed that he'd come to therapy so he can keep his wife while at the same time telling me he intended to continue his extramarital affair in secret. Like some, he was willing to go through the motions or externals, but without systematically looking at his blind spots needed for life and inner change.

When it comes to therapy or inner change, it can be so easy to go through the form. Merely going through the motions is an empty exercise if all you want is a check mark. I'm not saying you shouldn't go to therapy or church. Just the opposite!  Do all these great things (form) - but with the right motivation (substance). If your heart needs repair, you get that done in recovery.

Have you fallen into a "form without substance" empty therapy, lifestyle, or externals?