7 Ways A Therapist Is Worst For You!

Choosing a psychotherapist or counselor is a first step in seeking help. Not all psychotherapists are good therapists. To heal from your emotional or psychological wounds, you need to find and work with the right one for you if your situation calls for structured intervention.

Here's my take. Let me jot down some random notes here as I take my cup of coffee with my laptop -- 7 ways to know that a therapist is worst for you!

*  Only has a diploma or license, but does not actually fully understand the intricacies of and/or incompetent to conduct whole-person, balanced therapy and counseling;

*  Talks to you in 15 minutes and then prescribes a brain drug for your non-organic emotional wounds;

*  A "yes" person who agrees with everything you say ... will not stretch, challenge, or make you think well about your reality ... tries to make you "happy" by avoiding touchy, unpleasant, or divisive issues that could make you grow;

*  Someone who admires or idolizes you and feels intimidated by you ... would get afraid to hold you sufficiently accountable;

*  Has a hidden agenda not in line with your needs and goals;

*  Interested only in convenience or money, and fears your own growth/recovery will make your relationship change;

*  A mere armchair theoretician or academic (dependent on textbooks) without meaningful real-life experience and maturity ... not enough balance and integrity in personality that walks the talk. 

There it is. But there are more, of course. I'd like to safely assure you that the above are 100% true!  They stand on their own merit. Should you choose to deny any of them, you compromise your personal healing journey. You are the only one who can decide what is of worth or valuable to you.

P.S.  There's another WORST one:  "Knows and conducts therapy that only 'begins in man and ends in man.' " This one, you need time to ponder on.