Healing Is About Flying

Healing is about flying.

In order to to fly, you need to be light enough. That very much involves stripping off every weight that easily entangles your life. Life-damaging weights, such as bad habits, addiction, obsessions, compulsions, unprocessed internal pain, and so forth.

Everyone struggles, of course. No one is exempted. Life is full of challenges and pain. However, in the course of going through them, we may discover our selves adding in unnecessary weights to the mix as a way of coping. Or, finding relief. Why?

Last night, I was in a local Starbucks when a sexy young woman passed by me. Men around me were looking at her because of her seductive physical beauty. I had my first look, but a temptation was for me to have next looks that stare or entertain lust. Isn't that every man's battle since time immemorial?

Here's what I learned to do so as not to be entangled or develop a seed of addiction. I look at her and ask in my thoughts, "I want you to heal my wound, but you can't!"  Think about it. Instead of trying to medicate a possible inner "wound" by dehumanizing and looking at a woman as a "thing," I choose to look away and search into my self. Could I still have a "core wound" inside me that remains vulnerable to false medication or sources of relief?  What else may I do to gain true, complete, deep-level recovery?

I'm glad I can fly. But life is so daily. Healing and wholeness happens one day, one moment, at a time for victory over life-damaging "weights." Flying is consistently choosing to let go to reach the heavens.