My Time Is In Your Hand

Another year 2013 is going to be over. And a new one 2014 to be started after a day's time.  I hope this beginning year will be a great one for all of us without any devastating fear or wounding.

To me, time continues to be an intriguing reality. Slippery, can be so elusive. I don't pause and notice, there goes a day ... a week ... a month ... a year!  Some segments of time they seem to drag on or pass so quickly. Time is stubborn. It doesn't cooperate!

 Another thing:  Time can be a great healer. But, only if you experience "redemptive time," not simply the passing of time. Don't you catch how slowly deep emotional wounds or bad habits are healed, even though you desire to heal and be free instantly? You really can't expect to have "redemptive time" that heals unless you take the right actions to go with it. Makes good sense, right?  So,  don't just wish well, take right steps! Desperation becomes restoration one day at a time when you are in purposeful movement.

Want a timeless suggestion?  Cement these 12 words from a psalmist into your brain:  "I say 'Thou art my God.' My times are in Thy hand" (Psalm 37).  Truly, God alone is the Master of time ... not us.  He is the only One who changes the times and the seasons. If you're downright healthy about it, deep inside, you can even add on a prayer like: "Lord, my time is not mine. It's yours. Whatever happens to me in the coming new year and beyond, I trust You completely."

Your time is in His hand. Trust Him with it today, tomorrow, and however long or short number of new years it takes for you.