Therapy At Life's End

The aged or "seniors" are a specific age-group with distinct psychological, emotional, and spiritual needs. But whether they realize it or not, whether they accept it or not, everything about how they live their remaining earthly years point toward the approaching end. The quality of their life or mental health rests closely on the balance of walk they make between two worlds.

Last night, my 78-year-old Mom and I were joking about the secret of longevity of her 84-year-old friend and neighbor.  She said that her fellow "senior" friend was so disciplined and trusting of his meds and high-rise living. And that's about all she can say about him. As a result of his lifestyle, according to her, she finds him happy and healthy. In my mind, I can't help but say, "Nice try!" For, indeed, no matter how much fine meds or high rises he lives his life, they'll still end, won't they? It's just a matter of time.

Dr. Victor Frankl, a noted best selling author and founder of Existential Therapy, speaks of "purpose" of existence as a way to beat depression or mental breakdown. Truly, there is a condition worse than death and that is, life without purpose. However, Dr. Frankl, despite the truth of what he's writing about, still falls short. His thesis, like most others, begins in man and ends in man. There is a life out there beyond man's journey on this earth. So, if we're only living for this life and material existence, then it's no lasting, transcending purpose at all. Isn't it?

Whether you're in the prime of your life or approaching the end of it, the issue is the same. After all, life's end can come at any age, any time. And no one gets out alive from here!  So, I ask, what are you living for?