Yolanda Transforming Christmas Lesson

By now, Tacloban (and other parts) is simply starting to recover and heal. Damage is catastrophic from monster typhoon Yolanda. As I write this, almost 7,000 dead and billions of properties wiped out.

I've never seen such huge number of deaths happening at one time in my life. There were certainly no "deathbed conversions" embracing God for salvation. No such opportunity when Yolanda struck, for the losses or taking of lives just happened suddenly and unexpectedly.

We can meet people who believe that some day, they too will come to God and believe before they die. But very few are saved this way. A major lesson shown by the Yolanda tragedy is, you don't know the time of your death. There is no warning before death strikes. Multitudes died unexpectedly from Yolanda. In the ordinary course of our lives, there is no guarantee that you'll die of a terminal illness or remain conscious after an accident to have time to think about your relationship with God. The end of life can come at any time, at any age.

I hope this transforming lesson from the Yolanda tragedy will lead you to the Christ of Christmas. Today is the day to believe in Christ. You can receive healing for your soul, mind, and body as well as a welcome in the life beyond if you transfer your trust to the One who holds the keys to the gates of Heaven. While there is time. While you still have opportunity ...