Very Thin Wire

I remember an insightful little phrase from the pen of Alexander Whyte. It came to my attention this afternoon. The old writer wrote of our human tendency " ... to hang very heavy weights on very thin wires."

I imagine, for example, hanging the heavy weight of a large television set on a very thin wire. The wire definitely can't hold it. No chance. Unless there's some super-natural power to envelope the very thin wire!

In life, we do have some pretty heavy weights.  Heavy weights like our need for security, peace,  happiness, love.  Here's a common one:  hanging the very heavy weight of our happiness or security on the very thin wire of possessions. Materialistic to the core, society teaches us that life consists of the abundance of things we possess.  So we delude ourselves to believe that our internal distress will disappear if only we acquire the latest car model, that dream house by the lake, or expensive condo in the city.

Now, don't quote me out of context here. There is nothing wrong with owning stuff or having riches. You know that very well, don't you? But, when stuff or riches are pursued in hopes of acquiring deep peace, happiness or security as part of the package, no way man! All earthly stuff have "holes;" they disappear or can be lost, anytime, anywhere.  It's enjoyment is fleeting at best. Earthly possession is a very thin wire, unable to completely support our happiness, security, or inner peace.

Alexander Whyte is correct. We humans have a tendency to hang the very heavy weights of our life on very thin wires. We really do. Physical health, material possessions, health, human relationships, accomplishments etc are very thin wires when we assign ultimacy or absolute value to them. You can have it all - everything - in this world and it will still snap! Snap went the very thin wires, compared to the eternal heavy weights of deep peace, personal security, and lasting happiness.

Here's a test question. Look around your home, your workplace, or any part of your life. Ask your self, "Is there any thing I can't live without?" If it possesses you, it's a very thin wire!  Get rid of it and go to the One that will never snap. Not for your whole life time. Not for eternity.