Queting Your Mind

After experiencing a loss or trauma, you can feel that your life is spinning out of control. You find your self complaining about the chaos. The pain drives you deep into negative internal dialogue, dredging up all your past hurts and wounds. You struggle to survive your day to day.

It's during these times that you need to begin learning and practicing to quiet your mind. Peace can exist in a quiet mind despite your outer circumstances. Meditation and prayer are tools for reclaiming your inner peace as you work through your psychological or emotional wounding.

Here is how you can do it. Just sit quietly and comfortably. Close your eyes. Begin by taking long, slow, deep breaths. Breathe consciously. Put all your focus and attention on the sound of your breath. Put your awareness on the inflow and outflow of your breathing. Imagine you fall into a still, quiet place, and let all your thoughts, all your fears, and all your worries fall completely away. Allow them to melt into the sea and into the hands of God. Prayer will raise your consciousness and heal your heart.