Change or Die

I've read this morning a truth about about people with high blood pressure. In a clinical study involving hundreds, it was found out that 70% of hypertensives who die prematurely from the disease were well informed about the need for lifestyle and diet changes. Yet, they don't follow what would save their lives.

As usual, the problem or blockage to our health is not in our knowing but in our doing. Healing and change are often difficult for lots of people. Individuals who have grown "comfortable" with their unhealthy or bad habits may have no or little motivation to change. Dr. Charles Whitfield, a noted therapist, uses the term "disabled will" to describe it.

The same challenge applies to mental and emotional health. Those encountering behavioral disorders and life-damaging consequences in their lives need to do what's necessary to heal. When they do and not just know about healthy changes, they can begin to realize, as a Dr. Berkus says, that "Disease is the soul screaming through the body, attempting to get the Truth out once and for all."

Health is really a choice:  change or die.