Hidden Resentments?

Hurt feelings can get "stuffed" into our unconscious mind for years. As far as you can tell, you have already forgotten them. You claim that these inner wounds no longer influence your present. Yet you may actually be rarely aware of these past "unresolved emotional hurts" still affecting your day-to-day experience.

I'd like to call them "hidden resentments." How do you know you're suffering from them?  Let me cite some "symptoms" where you can assume that "hidden resentments" are festering inside you:

*  You feel left out, unappreciated, or taken for granted by people around you;
*  You lose your temper over small or trivial matters and say things you later regretted;
*  You suffer from headaches, neck aches, back aches, stomach aches, or other body aches;
*  You go into an eating binge, drinking spree, drug use, gambling, sexual acting out, or other addictive activity whenever you're emotionally upset;
*  You get bogged down by frequent fights, disagreements, struggles for control, feelings of distrust with your lover, spouse, or family member;
*  You poke fun or make insulting remarks about those you love;
*  You have serious health problems such as cancer, ulcers, hypertension, heart disease etc.;
*  You dread having to call, write, or visit your parents;
*  You frequently get bitter about work, church, family, God, life, other people;
*  You try to make others feel sorry for you;
*  You feel restricted in expressing your love to your spouse, children, and other family members.
*  You easily get angered or blow your top even with the slightest hint of rejection.

Indeed, once you become aware that you're harboring "hidden resentments," the next step is to work them through. Until you begin to do so, every other therapeutic or health strategy you'll use to make you well will be severely undermined.