Are You In Pain?

Are you hurting? If you've suffered a major loss, abuse, or trauma, you are in pain.

Maybe you have yet to feel your pain. It's ok to hurt and acknowledge your pain. It's nature's way of telling you that something needs to be healed.

In order to heal, you need to go through the pain so you can get to the other side. If you go around it instead of going through it, the pain only deepens and makes you worst.

Do you need to find help and support? Absolutely. Healing takes place in relationship, not in isolation. You are not an island!

Don't believe the lie, "I can figure this out my self." No help leads to poor health or worse! You need to be connected to others in order to heal and be whole.

The truth is, all of us have wounds, scars, and problems in life. Everyone needs recovery. The sooner we get the right help, the faster we will be better and healthy.