Daily Walks Into Healing

When I was in the university, I used to run the stretch of Buendia avenue a few miles length after classes two or three times a week. Now that my years are adding up, it becomes a realistic place for me to turn to an equally healthy exercise: walking.

Abkhasians, a people group, make walking a natural part of their daily lives. Their typical day is outlined as follows: awaken, personal hygiene, stroll, breakfast, walk to work, work, lunch, nap, work, walk home, dinner, leisure (music, visiting etc.), evening stroll, bed. 

Everyone can walk. If you're traumatized emotionally, daily walks can help you heal. In the malls, I see 70+ year-olds walking briskly and happily. Doctors prescribe walking as a healthy activity for all, not only for the aging, hypertensive, or trauma victims. Walking adds life and well being to your years.

Walk daily. It can spell a great difference in your healing and life.