Loneliness and Healing

Loneliness is pain. The world is full of people experiencing the pain of loneliness. There are those who retreat to their "caves." Some pretend to be somebody else. There are some who are busy ones. Others over-depend, clinging as close as possible to whomever they can. 

Loneliness is a disease that can grow over time. Untold numbers suffer from this affliction. It's demanding. It can take everything from you. Including psychological, emotional, and spiritual emptiness. As I see others climbing this "mountain," I've witnessed many just moving around it in circles with varied sorts of addictions or diversions.

So, you may ask,  "How do I heal from this disease of loneliness?" Begin by facing it - not avoid, fear, or run from it. Face the reality of this demon of loneliness and realize it's a demon! Accept loneliness as part of being human. And then turn to this demon and shout, "Boo, go away!" As you do, this demon starts losing its power and control over you.

Accept also that loneliness and healing can be connected. Loneliness has healing qualities. A period of time alone can provide you with needed personal growth, reflection, and learning. Yes, loneliness is pain. But it's pain which tells you that you have important things that you need to learn. As you learn from the pain, in time, hollowness and emptiness are replaced by inner healing, fullness, and strength.

It's a giant step to learn from the pain of loneliness toward independence. When you are comfortable by your self, you no longer feel needy or dependent on the company of others. You find mental health, finding a balance between being with others and being alone.