What Are You Afraid Of?

In my life and work helping others heal, fear is a most common experience. It's easy to allow fears to immobilize or paralyze us. Too many fears makes it so hard to function, make right choices, and get on with life.

Several weeks ago, I was speaking to Marlyn. She was devastated because she found out that her moneyed husband is gay and paying for male prostitutes for years. She felt afraid to take a stand and require her husband to rehabilitate. She felt embarrassed, awkward, and ashamed. She asked, "What will people think? What if my husband leaves me and the kids? How will I survive?" She looked away and tolerated her husband's addiction because of her fears.

Fear is human. But you can make it as a friend. The best way to start making your fears your friend is to allow yourself to feel them. The only way out is through. You need to name your fears, be committed to overcome them, and use them as tools to understand your self better. The things that you are afraid of can lead you to knowing your self better and building character. Your fears can be a great motivator to get you stronger emotionally, mentally, and physically, so you can have the courage to make right decisions.

So here's your best start by saying to your self, "I don't want to be in this painful place. It will destroy me if I escape, avoid, or run away. I resolve to do whatever it takes to work through the process, face and overcome my fears." With that, you can make your life's crisis into a creative, healing, and redemptive experience.