Abused, Hurting Parents

Again this afternoon, like in many of my counseling sessions, a hurting Mom cried. She said, "My husband and I have invested much time and money on our son, and he's still violent and in alcoholism and drug addiction." This Mom's energy and hope are progressively being siphoned to a critical level.

Brokenhearted parents, hurting in secret, abound everywhere. These "abused parents" hurt in secret because they do not want to broadcast family and child-rearing problems to the world. "Abused parents" - that may be a new phrase or description for you. But I refer to brokenhearted parents as "abused parents" because I witnessed a lot of what children do is no less than parent abuse.

I wonder why our laws have "child abuse" protection services and interventions but there's none for "parent abuse!"  Surely, there are many parents of misbehaving children who turn to self-destruction. These "abused parents" need help too.  Carefully consider this:  bad parents, yes, but also good parents can have trouble with their children. The wrong company or peers can lure kids away even from loving, nourishing parents. Society and culture have tremendous influences at our children nowadays that are injurious to their mental, emotional, social, moral or spiritual health.

Think about it. To be abused and hurt by your own child is torture. If you are an abused, hurting parent yourself, you can heal. Never instantly decide that it must be all your fault as a parent. Do be reflective and discerning.