Cost of Resisting Rest

A man sent his psychiatrist a note. It said, "I'm having a great time on vacation. Wish you're here with me to tell me why."

In the midst of a darkest chapter of my life, I began to learn to spell "rest." In trying to save time doing all sorts of things, I'd forgotten how to spend it. I realized I had not taken enough rest in decades, and I didn't need a psychiatrist to tell me why. The consequences or symptoms for my resisting rest were obvious.

I determined to take a break. Then came discovering trauma-producing, hidden things buried alive inside my heart I'd always been busy to notice or bring into the surface. Then came eating right and exercising, and nourishing my self spiritually. And each weekend, I won't miss the opportunity to hang out, walk, play, and dine with the children.

Have you ever experienced the therapeutic benefits of rest in your life? Above, the sky was filled with birds. While watching them, I was awed by the birds' freedom. No care for tomorrow's lodging. No thought of the location of its next meals. Yet, they still move and fly high based on how they'd been created, leaving the rest up to their Creator.