Integrative Healing

Psychotherapy is a science of experience, not only from clinical research findings. To gain a unified vision of the complexity of emotion and behavior, one can go to literature and integrate influences from diverse disciplines. There is historical precedent that the most effective therapist and counselor is one who is learning and integrating as much as he can about everything.

Therapist/author, Dr. Rollo May, used ingredients from philosophy (Kierkegaard, Nietsche), psychoanalysis (Freud), phenomenology (Husserl), art (Van Gogh), theology (Jaspers, Marsel), literature (Sartre, Camus, Kafka), and concentration camps (Frankl). Dr. Sigmund Freud was an integrationist himself, finding the fiction of Dostoyevsky, Sophocles, and Shakespeare; the scultpture of Michelangelo and Leonardo; the philosophy of Nietsche, useful in his therapy work.

If you are hurting and in trouble in your life, seek a balanced integrationist therapist. With that choice, you can be assured that you'd be ushered to a place where knowledge of crisis or conflict is not hollow or one-dimensional.