A Cardiologist Story

For many people, hurts and losses are experiences of brokenness. And before they can rebuild, trust, or go on in their lives, they need to learn to pick up the pieces. Then, choose to begin again.

I heard the story of a cardiologist who was performing heart surgery on a woman patient. In the course of the surgery, he massaged her heart once; nothing happened. Then he massaged her heart twice; nothing happened. He massaged her heart again, thrice this time; still nothing happened. Finally, the cardiac doctor leaned over the ears of his woman patient and whispered these words:  "Mrs. Smith, the surgery is going well. It's ok to make your heart beat again." Shortly after hearing those words, the patient's heart began to beat again.

In our healing journey, we take time. Then we reach a point of development when we need to choose to begin again. To rebuild. To trust again. To make something new. Hope will not manifest itself, good things can't come when we remain stuck. Or shut down before reaching the mountain top.

It's not going to be easy. But you can.