Double Father's Day

It's "double" Father's Day I have today, June 15, 2014. I greeted my Dad a Father's Day. My 3 kids - Christine, 20; Paul, 17; and Angel, 11 - celebrated the day too with me dining out and strolling around.

At the same time, today is also the exact 80th birthday of my Dad. Though pretty frail and ill physically, his mind and zest are still in the optimum. While conversing with him several hours ago, my "father wounds" are no longer there. And my kids' "father wounds" appear to also be healing well. Hahahaha!

Here are surprises -my Dad still uses and reads an old Bible given to him by a friend/missionary from Canada, Paul and Alice Blackmore, in 1989. My Dad comes to seek and know the Lord through this Bible.  Also, my Dad does not text or go to the internet, he does not even have an email, and he still uses his antique typewriter for his writings. 
My amazing Dad!