Simply This: "Listen"

No matter who we are, we are all looking for someone to listen. A number of years ago, in a group therapy course in Ateneo, my psychology professor simply sat down and listened to each one of us in the circle. It was new to me. I hated to show my displeasure but I expressed it in her journal homework for us.

But the more I thought about it later -- what my psychology professor demonstrated -- I realized that she was teaching us something significant. She was right! Listening can heal. Everyone on earth is at least just a little bit lonely. There is no better recovery booster than simply this: listen. I love this lesson my professor taught us. It's so true.

Is there someone in your life, in your family, in your school, or in your office who needs your support?  Are you willing to make an effort to reach out to them? I hope so. For I have discovered that life is richer, the horizon is brighter, and the road gets shorter when traveled with kind, nurturing, and listening companions. Those who make such an investment find that it pays off all through the years in terms of personal growth and friendships.