The "Idol" Factor

Whenever I meet people suffering from some type of addiction or brokenness, I keep running into a conspicuous common factor:  the "idol" factor.  It's such a widespread personal factor in the lives of millions of people all over the world. Despite life-damaging circumstances and warnings, people with entrenched "idols" in their hearts still allow themselves to be taken captive.

Virtually every kind of stronghold, addiction, or adultery involves the worship of an "idol." For example, the stronghold of arrogance or pride is associated with the worship of the "idol" of self. The stronghold of addiction (e.g. sex, money, power, gambling, relationship, drugs etc.) is associated with the worship of an "idol" of object, habit, or substance. In one way or another, something has become "god" or object of chief focus of one's life, which then contributes to disease of self and life in general.

As long as our minds welcome and rehearse the lures of our "idols" in life more than the strength of God or the values of emotional health, we will be sick and impotent. Healing is a choice.