Healing From Church Wound

Just a few days ago, I was browsing inside a little bookshop when a book caught my attention. It's about healing and recovery from "church hurts." Some people suffer psychologically, emotionally, and spiritually due to spiritual abuse or neglect in the church.

I came to know the story of a man who got divorced due to his wife's affair. Bumped by his therapist/counselor one time in a mall, the man was asked how he was doing. His response: "Great everywhere but in church." He cited that his friends and brethren from the church did their best to avoid speaking to him. He felt neglected and alone.

What can you do when the very people who are supposed to demonstrate the love and healing of God don't care while your world is falling apart? Well, don't get angry at God;  He didn't do it! People in the church are fallibly human. So don't be attached to or focused on them to meet all your needs. If you're not being helped to heal in your present church, go find another church. Nourish your walk with God. You need Him in your ultimate therapy and life recovery.

If you're seeing a therapist who is trained in the integration of psychotherapy and spirituality, you may ask help or recommendations from him/her. It could spell a big difference in your journey.