Laura's True Story

As a member and advocate of the International Society for Ethical Psychology and Psychiatry, I have the privilege of knowing numerous psychiatrists, psychologists, counselors, etc. from around the world doing "wholistic" non-drug psychotherapy. One of the organization's board members is Laura Delano. Her true to life testimony struck me so well for I'd witnessed cases in my practice similar to her story.

I'm taking the liberty of "reprinting" her story below from the ISEPP file as an endorsement of her as well as a lesson that we can all benefit from. I am with Laura as well as others in this crusade of setting millions of people around the world free from the captivity of false medication for mental health.

Here's Laura's true story (from the ISEPP):  

"Laura Delano was first labeled 'mentally ill' at the age of fourteen, when she was told she had “Bipolar disorder” and was subsequently put on Depakote and Prozac.  After fighting back in high school, she eventually surrendered to the diagnosis as a freshman in college, when she embraced her psychiatric label and the belief that she needed 'meds'."  

"Laura spent the next ten years on nineteen psychiatric drugs, in and out of locked wards, outpatient programs, and intensive psychotherapy, and believed she had a life-long biochemical 'disease' requiring life-long 'treatment'— a belief that led her to hopelessness, isolation, and suicide."  

"Since September 2010, she has been free from psychiatric labels and psychotropic drugs, and she firmly believes that the human experience should never be pathologized.  She lives in Boston, Massachusetts, is a blogger, editor, and consultant at, where she has been writing about her thirteen-year journey into and out of the mental health system, and works as a coach with people freeing themselves from psychiatry."