My Heart Work at the Voice Kids

My stint as resident therapist/counselor of the kid-artists and their parents during the just-concluded first season of ABS CBN 2's The Voice Kids this past several weeks is one of my most touching memories in my practice.

The tears. The tensions. The confusions. The heartbreaking moments. The hugs, smiles, and prayers. Grief and breakups before and after. The hurts/trauma of the kids' lives, parents, and their families.

Professionally and personally, all these together brought a deeper dimension of experience, fulfillment, and commitment inside me in helping parents and children heal and overcome life's struggles.

LYCA Gairanod, the first VOICE KIDS Grand Champion, exemplifies hope and victory amid pain and deprivations of life. The unschooled 9-year-old daughter of a scavenger ("magbobote, magbabakal") mother and a fisherman ("mangingisda") father, rose from the "ashes" and faces a bright, new morning and future.

Learn from the child. Never give up whatever your circumstances. Go through the pain so you can get to the other side. Winning is waiting for you.

"When we set out on a consciously chosen course of action that accents the good of others and is for the most part a hidden work, a deep change occurs in our spirit."  -- Richard Foster