It's A Jungle Out There

We live in a world full of "jerks." In this life, everyone of us has to face and deal with "jerks" who abuse or wound us. There is a full jungle of this out there!

 In my work, I have dealt with literally countless examples of individuals, couples, and families victimized or traumatized by "jerks." A major source of many psychological and emotional breakdowns is the presence of at least one overwhelming "jerk" in a person's life.

How do you survive a world filled with narcissistic, harmful "jerks?" People who feel entitled to everything? Those who selfishly use human beings to grab what they want? The sickos of society who enjoy controlling, abusing, and dominating their fellow humans and not feeling any guilt about the pain or suffering they cause?

Here is a good beginning: admit first your own lack of perfection. Then, you must go on to admit that part of you has some "jerky" nature. That's true, just as part of everyone you love, deal with, or work with is going to be a "jerk." at least to some degree. None of us is perfect. Reality says all of us, definitely including my self, have some "jerky" reality inside us.

As you start accepting, learning from, and healing your own "jerkiness" degree, you are then ready to learn how to survive in a jungle full of "jerks." That's something that may not make you feel good. But it is pure reality. We are all going to have to live with "jerks" in this world. And a major weapon is managing our own narcissistic tendencies or degree of "jerkiness," making our self "whole" enough first.

That's a first step towards surviving this jungle and conquering them!