Oh yes ... I've been there. I'm possibly like you. There are times when I reminisce, resurrect memories from the gentle spots of my mind. Dusty back roads of my memory as past people and places pay a brief visit with me. Too clear to ignore, too personal to share, nostalgia sometimes sweeps over me. I wonder, am I growing older or just growing deeper?

A walk along a beach at sunset. Looking over my boyhood photos. Yearning back while looking at my "now-grown" youngest child. Angelus with my cousins, praying with "lola," early at night. A sentimental visit to the place where I was raised. Being with Dad and Mom, my sisters too, in the picnic park. The smell and sounds of my first chess games. Diplomas ... graduations. My first dates with one I married. Saying goodbye to the irrecoverables. In some, no need to say goodbye.

Sometime ago, I took drives and got alone for extended periods. I just enjoyed "pictures" hidden away from my heart, the nostalgia. In the stillness of surroundings, I let it run free ... and as I released my grip, there I saw where it took me. There was something much more to my nostalgic secrets -- lots of treasured learnings and how I realized I needed them to heal and grow.

Sort of crazy? By the way, if we meet together on the back tunnel of time and memory, I'll be happy and smiling at you. I promise not to tell any one. Confidentiality is one of my best strengths.