Ralph Waldo Emerson once wrote, "The first wealth is health." How true!

Let me set the record straight. Though I do am a kind of doctor or sound like a doctor, I'm not an M.D. Do not be misled. What I share sometimes about physical health comes not from a medical degree but from common sense ... from extensive personal experience and searches for truth.

Take me and my younger years, for example. If only I knew earlier, I would not had become used to eating refined foods, devoid of nutrition and filled with preservatives. I may be accomplishing good things - but since I crammed junk food down my throat, there are accumulating effects on some aspects of my health that can slow me down. So today, I resolve to keep a balance in my food intake ... before it's too late.

Health must be a top priority for us. If we either ignore it (like a bad habit) or abuse it (like a good child), we suffer disease and weakness. Physical illness is also known to cause psychological and emotional disorders that can make one incapable of normal daily functioning. The humorist, Frank Burgess, nailed it right when he said, "Our bodies are apt to be our autobiographies."

Indeed, the greatest mistake a man can make is to sacrifice health for money, fame, pleasure, or any other passing reward.