I Feel Honored By Your Coming

I feel honored by your coming.

It's my privilege to share in your journey. At your spontaneous, playful, uninhibited, or even self-destructive time.

Whatever it is.  Self esteem. Solid defenses. Trauma wounds. Addiction. Fear of being alone.

Any you do for distraction - you offer me a glimpse into the most intimate, private moments of your life.

You teach me. I do learn as much from you as you learn from me. What I consider most important to know you teach me by my being with you.

That choice is power.

That denial or perfectionism is disease. That loss is a part of life. That relationships are terrifying. That just as you imprison your self and your world .... so am I also capable of limiting my own choices and possibilities.

Thank you for the honor of your entrusting to me what you really think, feel, and do ... when your guard is down.

Not only does your information I gain from you help me better understand what you're going through. Such knowledge also helps me better understand my self.

What precious unsolicited, unintended gift! You do much to help me appreciate and accommodate to varied, rich lives I may never live.

Though it takes incredible energy to do good therapy, I feel honored and grateful for the incentive of being with you. In your life's journey.

Your healing is my passion.