Nutrition and Mental Health

Non-drug psychiatrist, Dr. Abram Hoffer, MD, PhD, is one of the very few doctors who doesn't prescribe psychiatric drugs to his patients.

Psychotropic medication is well-known to have horrendous side effects over time. Dr. Hoffer said that successful recovery with the use of medication is usually 10%.

But with nutrition, continues Dr. Hoffer, successful recovery is around 80%.

Nutrition does affect and improve your mental health in specific physical/chemical ways, while going into the very internal psychological "roots" of your condition through psychotherapy for permanent recovery.

Ruling out any major medical causes or some organic damage (consult a physician, of course, to find out!), like in any other ailments known to man, nutrition and natural medicine is still the best and safest course to take to support psychotherapy for long-term, deep-level healing.