There and Not There

I would love to see it otherwise. But I must be honest rather than wishful. We live in an age of psychological and emotional distraction. There and not there. Even with our babies (spouses, parents, friends etc. too!), we talk more to our gadgets than to them.

It's not the tech gadgets, cellphones, laptops, tabs or ipads that disturb me. No, all they are are tools that can be used and enjoyed on occasion. It's the abuse that's bothering me. Since technology and social media sit in almost all of us, the abuse is not decreasing.

Consider how this growing addiction can become paralyzing. They can have the power to cripple personal relationships. They can stifle creativity. Much less spontaneity may result due to the intense, irrational dependence on the gadgets, social media, or cyber-games. The focus is not hard to see.

Hey, I know this, for we both live in the same environment! I too can get excessive at times. It's a tough, uphill battle.  But, I believe it's not insurmountable. Two simple yet powerful words can help us create balance:  "no" and "close." Now don't go to a therapist or look around for support. You can say "No!"and close the on-off knob of your gadgets if you truly value someone or something in your life ... much, much more than your gadgets.