What Future?

Psychotherapist and author, Rollo May, once wrote, "The most effective way to ensure the value of the future is to confront the present courageously and constructively."

Things do happen that can put our plans into a detour. Or, they're put on hold outside our control. Some of our plans are forever abandoned. And, no new plans take their place. When that happens - "living without plans" - we live without hope and purpose. When life has no purpose, it loses its meaning.

I'm reminded of a deeply distraught man who was coming out of a long and hard battle of healing from the affair of his wife. I asked him what his plans are for the future. He sadly echoed the words I often hear from many during therapy sessions: "What future? My life is over. I just exist. I hope I just die now!" A part of deep inside me wanted to shout that life is still moving and new plans can replace old ones.

Are you hoping for another fellow human being to set plans or goals for you? Or, are you setting your own plans or goals with the Lord's wisdom and help? This may sound simple or religious for you, but it can be a healing food for thought for you:  Most people fail or lose hope for the future because they put themselves first and God second. As a result, they feel hopeless or their plans may not succeed.

No one, other than you and God, should be entrusted with making plans for your future.